And then there were four…


Hello Thomas


I haven’t managed to blog much lately, there have been some technical difficulties, but really I have been a bit overwhelmed welcoming our little Thomas to the world.

Not that we’ve stopped travelling, mind you. We went on a fantastic train trip around Europe to see the Christmas Markets, when I was 8 months pregnant; and in his two short months, Thomas has already been to Bordeaux, France, and Lisbon and Porto, Portugal.

Plus, we have more trips planned before we relocate to Canada. Daniel and Peter are heading back to Rome with Nanny (Grandma), and there is a family trip to Scandinavia to celebrate Oldemor’s centennial!

There have been triumphs and disasters – but we honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Keep travelling and keep sharing your journeys with us.

Kristine, Pete, Daniel and Thomas


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