Breakfast on the go

Making oatmeal on the go

Making oatmeal on the go

Food on the go is tricky, it took me longer to get my head around than any other stage so far. Daniel generally has oatmeal for breakfast.  (At home we mix in whatever fruit puree we have on hand, but the main component is oatmeal).

This is super easy to bring with you when you’re travelling.  Put enough dry oatmeal in a Ziploc for every morning of the trip, put a similar amount of formula powder in another Ziploc baggie.  Bring a bowl and a spoon.

Put roughly equal amounts of oats and formula (maybe a bit more oatmeal) in the bowl. Add a bit of boiling water and stir.  Keep adding water until the desired consistency is achieved. We found this very managable.

What are your tips and tricks for dealing with food on the go? We would love to hear more ideas.


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