Travelling with a toddler while pregnant


Update: between composing this post and publishing it, we are happy to say that Thomas Otto has been born.  Being pregnant while travelling certainly slows us down. Luckily I’m not much slower than Daniel’s natural toddling speed. I depend on Pete quite a bit more when it comes to carrying Daniel and I definitely lag behind … [Read more…]

Edinburgh Castle – might be worth a pass if you have a pram (2 month old)

Thomas looking uncertain on the cobblestone street inside the castle

Edinburgh When taking a trip to Edinburgh with our youngest son (3 months) and my sister-in-law, I had a chance to remember the freedom of travelling without a toddler (Daniel, Peter and my mother-in-law went to Rome while we ventured North). The portability of an infant, leisurely meals in restaurants without food being thrown around, … [Read more…]

Using a babysitting service while staying at a hotel – 13 month old baby

Enjoying Princess Street Gardens the next day.

Finding a babysitter can be tricky. We live abroad which means that we don’t have family to lean on, but we do have brilliant friends who have been very generous in offering to watch Daniel. This is our ideal solution, we trust our friends and often the location is convenient. But this isn’t a viable … [Read more…]

Spanish interior – L’Esmoradora Finca and Guadalest, off the beaten path


For Easter we went to the gorgeous L’Esmoradora Finca located an hour and a half inland from Alicante airport in a small village named Parcent. It was a brilliantly relaxing vacation. The weather was lovely, between 20 and 30 degrees centigrade for the entire weekend. And we spent our days there soaking up the local … [Read more…]