And then there were four…


  I haven’t managed to blog much lately, there have been some technical difficulties, but really I have been a bit overwhelmed welcoming our little Thomas to the world. Not that we’ve stopped travelling, mind you. We went on a fantastic train trip around Europe to see the Christmas Markets, when I was 8 months … [Read more…]

Breakfast on the go

Food on the go is tricky, it took me longer to get my head around than any other stage so far. Daniel generally has oatmeal for breakfast.  (At home we mix in whatever fruit puree we have on hand, but the main component is oatmeal). This is super easy to bring with you when you’re … [Read more…]

When you’re in a rut.

Daniel playing with some stacking spheres

Sometimes it’s really difficult to make it out if the house. Between dismal weather, a sick baby and weaning solid foods, we have not been out of the house too often in the past few weeks. (These have been legitimate reasons, but sometimes when I think of going out I stop and think, ‘why bother’). For … [Read more…]