Heathrow security – London


This food package made it through Heathrow’s security – a pre-made bottle of formula did not.

I mentioned earlier that I rarely took liquids out of their holding places in the diaper bag for security in a previous post – the exceptions being if travelling alone or with a group where the hassle would outweigh the gain.

This one really bit us in the butt at Heathrow. Here we underwent the most rigorous search for small tubes of diaper creme samples lost in the depths of the diaper bag from a time before I felt conscious.

Luckily we had time to spare and we learned a few things:

1. One Ella’s food pouch is apparently OK. (Now that Daniel has three meals of solids a day, I keep an emergency pack in the diaper bag).

2. Our never before (or since) opened first-aid kit has liquids it.

3. It might we worth unpacking those liquids (the thing is – I like where my liquids are… unpacking them and putting them in a plastic bag always leads to losing something – I’m still undecided).

We had to wait in a line to get the bag checked for liquids which meant we were at the security station for ages – it’s way less stressful if you have lots of time. The security officer was chatty and we actually enjoyed the process.

How do you deal with security? Have you passed your baby to a stranger to hold while you pick up your things from the conveyor? Tell us about your best and worst airport screening experiences.

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