Iceland – Reykjavik Airport: best airport to go to with babies

Reykjavik airport provides strollers for babies - FANTASTIC!

I wish we had arrived earlier at Reykjavik airport. I had no idea how great it was going to be. The airport provides strollers for parents to put children in! Nord Restaurant was delicious!  Do no miss their lobster pizza (Pizza Langoustines, red onion,tomatoes,pesto and aioli) if you have the chance. It was simply amazing. We … [Read more…]

Breakfast on the go

Food on the go is tricky, it took me longer to get my head around than any other stage so far. Daniel generally has oatmeal for breakfast.  (At home we mix in whatever fruit puree we have on hand, but the main component is oatmeal). This is super easy to bring with you when you’re … [Read more…]