Iceland Hotel – Leifur Eiriksson

The Leifur Eiriksson Hotel in Iceland

The Leifur Eiriksson Hotel in Iceland

Hotels in Europe are much smaller than hotels in North America. And hotels in Iceland seem to be more of a bare-bone, Scandi variety, than in other countries we’ve visited so far.

Part of travelling is taking the good with the bad, being flexible, and being able to adapt to situations as they happen. I find low expectations are often the key to a good trip.


The room was quite spacious by European standards. Even with the addition of a large cot there was still a nice sized space for Daniel to play with his toys.

The inclusive breakfast at the hotel was good – there were a variety of things we could feed Daniel such as bread, sliced cheese, hard-boiled eggs and some fresh fruit slices. We even packed some of these things in Ziploc bags to take with us during the day, which worked out really well.

The room that the breakfast was served in was also pretty. Since our breakfasts take some time these days, it was nice to be in a room that was pleasant to be in. We also met a lot of fellow guests at breakfast and we enjoyed chatting with all of them.

37 weeks old - a great view - life is good

37 weeks old – a great view – life is good

The hotel staff were really friendly, and our room at the end of the hallway looked right out to the Hallgrimskirkja (Church of Hallgrimur).


The single worst part of the hotel experience was the lack of internet connection. I was looking forward to evenings getting through my inbox and online chores with a bit of internet browsing procrastination mixed in. Unfortunately, the internet in the hotel was not functioning. We discussed this with fellow guests at breakfast, and everyone was frustrated. The hotel staff couldn’t tell us when or if the problem would be resolved (it never was).

The water smelled like fart (from the sulphur), which made the bathroom smell like fart, which made the room smell like fart. We weren’t comfortable washing Daniel’s toys or food utensils in this water without rinsing it in drinking water. We don’t know if this was necessary, but it made us feel better.

Tiniest sink I've ever seen in a hotel room - kind of neat - but not ideal

Tiniest sink I’ve ever seen in a hotel room – kind of neat – but not ideal

The sink was barely large enough for two hands. Travelling with a little one meant we needed to do a lot of washing up, and a small sink wasn’t ideal. The bathroom consisted of a shower head in the room without a separate compartment (if you’ve never seen this before, it’s a bit hard to explain). The drain in the shower slash bathroom wasn’t in the lowest part of the floor, which meant the water pooled near the toilet.

Sketchy cot - this can be to code...

Sketchy cot – this can’t be up to code…

The cot provided for Daniel was a bit worn and especially disappointing. The hotel staff obviously couldn’t find the mattress that went with the unit, and had supplemented a different mattress that didn’t fit properly the cot properly. The bottom was folded under and rolled up on the side. Luckily, Daniel wasn’t a big mover when he slept, but if he had been, we would have needed to sleep Daniel in our bed.

All-in-all the hotel was decent. The location was great and it was good value but we’ll likely try somewhere new the next time we’re in Iceland.

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  1. Kristen

    Hey Kristine! Looks like you are having quite the adventure with Daniel! What great memories you are making!! Looking forward to hearing more about your travels and time with family in Norway! 🙂

    • Kristine

      Hey Kristen -Long time! Thanks for the note, we’re enjoying the journey so far.

      Your boys are growing up so quickly! It looks like you’re having some good adventures too 🙂 Say hi to your mom from me.

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