Iceland Restaurant – Fish Market (Fiskmarkadurinn)

Daniel enjoying lunch at the Fish Market in Iceland

Daniel enjoying lunch at the Fish Market in Iceland

If you like sushi, then the Fiskmarkadurinn is not to be missed (thanks Luke)! As avid sushi fans, Peter and I have tried a lot of sushi over the years, and we can’t remember ever having sushi as good as what we had at this restaurant (we debated a few previous winners, but it was too long ago for a fresh memory – the spicy tuna roll and the lobster roll get special mention).

We took Daniel with us for lunch on Thursday and we liked it so much that we went back for dinner the next day.

At dinner we had the chef’s tasting platter (the rock shrimp tempura were delicious!) It was everything we could have hoped for and more. It was not sushi oriented (although there was a sushi course) as you can see in the pictures below. The meal also included a fantastic dessert platter which consisted of a slice of warm chocolate cake, lychee creme brûlée, a slice of white chocolate cheesecake, and a selection of sorbets.


BEST MEAL EVER!! Fish Market, Iceland

Unfortunately restraint was not with us and we devoured it before realizing we forgot to capture a photo of the dish. Surprisingly, the lychee cheesecake and the sorbets were my favourite but I wouldn’t have ordered either (perhaps I need to expand my horizons).

On the baby-logistics side of things, we got an early start – 6pm and we thought we had given ourselves enough time before Daniel needed to go to bed. We started off well, the restaurant used the Stokke Trip Trapp high chair that we have at home and everyone was on their best behaviour. But before the meal had ended we had used every trick in the book – distraction with toys, distraction with food, and distraction with soother to keep Daniel from throwing a wobbly. The tasting menu took two hours and while it was extraordinary, it was too long for Daniel.  He isn’t used to sitting for more than an hour at mealtimes.


The reality behind the food pictures

I think for the time being we will be passing on tasting menus in favour of shorter meals.

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Where has your best meal been as a family? We can always be inspired!

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