1. Erin

    We aré headed to iceland son with a 12 month old, and i hace round your post very helpful. I have a few more questions, if you have time to answer:

    – we will be there for a week. Would you recommend staying in Reykjavik e entire time, or is there another city that would be worth trekking to?

    – would you recommend tours vice renting a car and trying to see things on your own.

    – our baby loves sight seeing in a hiking backpack, so I am torn whether to bring it or our pram. Any opinions as to what would be better? He will be dressed in warm bunting.

    Thank you so much for the info!

    • Kristine

      Hi Erin,

      Glad to hear that you enjoyed the post. Here are my thoughts on your questions, but I’m sure whatever you decide, you’ll have a great time.

      We spent 4 days in Reykjavik and we felt that was long enough to thoroughly explore that city and the surroundings – any longer and I would add another city.

      The tours worked really well for us – we could both focus on Daniel and he didn’t need to sit in a car seat (he isn’t used to a carseat and he doesn’t like them). The downside is that he was on our laps the whole time. It really depends on your child. We also really liked the guides on our tours – they were knowledgable and funny. If you’re baby likes the carseat, then a car might not be a bad idea either. My husband thinks that’s the better way to go to maximise flexibility. One of the days, we found the tour quite long (the day Daniel was sick).

      We used a carrier the whole time we were there and it was great. If your baby likes the backpack, I would recommend using that over taking a pram. Consider how comfortable you are carrying your baby for large portions of the day. Our son Daniel is good at sleeping which meant we could lie him down almost anywhere and he’d sleep for his nap (after falling asleep in the carrier).

      We’d love to hear how your trip went, hope you enjoy it!

  2. Marie

    Hi, it is nice to read about your experiences of traveling in iceland with a baby. Me, my husband and our baby are planning to go to iceland the end of june. She will be 5 months by then. I was wondering how you went in the blue lagoon with your baby, because their site says that there is an age-limit of 2 years, but we would love to take our baby with us to the lagoon. Thanks, Marie

    • Kristine

      Hi Marie,
      Daniel was 9 months old when we took him to the Blue Lagoon. And we didn’t see the restriction on age when we were researching. There wasn’t a lot of supervision, so I’m not sure if we just didn’t realise that we were doing something that wasn’t allowed.

      Daniel really enjoyed it, and if you go into the wading pool on the left, I think it’s pretty safe. We made sure his head was covered with a wool hat – wool is warm when wet. We also wonder if his puking that occurred the next day was due to swallowing some of the water – I would be more cautious of that this time around.

      Worst case scenario, you can take turns with your partner – there’s an area to your right, up the stairs, where you can get away from it all and pull out a blanket to wait for your turn and play with your 5 month old.

      Let me know how it goes! Good luck,

    • Anaïs

      Were you successful taking your baby in spite of the age restriction Marie? I saw the same thing and my little one will be 20 months old when we go.

  3. Kaylie

    Just google blue lagoon with baby and came across your post. We are heading to Iceland in May with our 1 year old and 4 year old. The Blue lagoon website says that they only allow over 2’s in the water, obviously this was not the case when you were there? My Daughter will be 17months old maybe she will pass as 2, it looked like your son loved it so I really hope we get to take her too. Will come back and read some more of your post.

    • Kristine

      Hi Kaylie,
      Daniel was 9 months old when we went, and we didn’t see the restriction on age when we were researching going here – we came across another blog post that mentioned they took their son, and we thought we’d give it a go.

      Also, there wasn’t a lot of supervision, so I’m not sure if we just didn’t realise that we were doing something that wasn’t allowed. Daniel really enjoyed himself – the water was a pretty similar temperature to his swimming class.

      I just got a similar question from someone else and I’ll repeat what I said to her: if you go into the wading pool on the left, I think it’s pretty safe. We made sure Daniel’s head was covered with a wool hat – wool is warm when wet. We also wonder if his puking that occurred the next day was due to swallowing some of the water – I would be more cautious of that this time around.

      Travelling with two is something we’re just getting used to. Any advice? Have fun on your trip and good luck 🙂

    • Nichole

      I’m curious if Kaylie decided to take her baby in May and if she had any trouble with the age limit. My baby will be 20 months when we travel to Iceland and we’re considering a stop at the lagoon.

    • Michelle

      Hello Kaylie,
      I saw you went to the Blue Lagoon with your baby (1 y.o.), and we are curious to know if you faced restriction because she was under the age of 2.
      We are planning our trip in Iceland and we wanted to know if a 10 months old baby will not be allowed to enter.
      Did they ask you your baby’s age?


  4. Eunice

    Hello! Loved your post! It was REALLY helpful!

    Once question, I noticed online that the Blue Lagoon has a 2yr+ policy on children. Did you run into any issues when you went (or anyone else reading this comment)?


    • Kristine

      I know we haven’t been recently, but no one commented or questioned our decision to take Daniel in thr Lagoon. We got the sense that the warning was there and if you chose to ignore it, that was your decision. Pkease let me know if you have a different experience! Thanks, Kristine

  5. Theresa

    We are going to Iceland in April 2016 with a 2.5 year old and a 1 year old. The website for the Blue Lagoon says that only children over the age of 2 can enter the Blue Lagoon. Was the rule different when you went, or were you able to bypass that rule somehow? I am wondering if I’ll be able to enter the premises at all with my 1 year old, even if she doesn’t go in the water.

    • Kristine

      Hi Theresa, sorry for the delayed response, we recently moved into a new house (in Canada, our home country), and things have been very much up in the air. We haven’t been there in a year, but I doubt the rules have changed in that time. I got the sense that Iceland is much more of a, ‘You decide what’s right for you and your family’ than we are used to in other places of the world. No one blinked as we walked in with Daniel (8 months at the time). Please let me know if you discover that something has changed. Also, enjoy! Iceland was such a treat and an easy place to navigate with a young child 🙂

  6. angie


    We are bringing our infant (will be 6 months old by then) to iceland and we are keen to bring her to the blue lagoon! Thanks so much for your informative post!

    Also, we are form Singapore (which is summer all year round) and are quite clueless about dressing our baby, will you please give some tips on what and how many layers will be necessary?

    Much thanks!

    • Kristine

      Hi Angie, I didn’t realise that i hadn’t replied earlier – my apologies. If you have already gone, I hope you had a great trip. I loved Singapore when I travelled there to visit my friend, and you are right, there isn’t much need for warm clothes! Layering is the key. Wool and cotton are great fibers because they breath, and wool is warm even when it’s wet (cotton is not). We had daniel in a short arm, no leg shirt, then a long arm, long leg pajama (or outfit) then a sweater or a down one piece baby snow suit from North Face. The nice thing about the snow suit is that it folded over his hands and feet to keep them warm. It was really hard to keep mittens on him as he kept pulling them off. Keep feeling your infants back to check that they aren’t sweaty and add, or remove layers as needed. I also used a loose scarf to protect Daniel’s face when it was windy. I don’t know how well this worked but we popped in and out of stores to avoid any of us getting too cold. Enjoy!!

  7. Lisa

    We are looking at going to the blue lagoon with our 22 month old, I emailed them about the age requirement and they stated they will check our sons passport to confirm he’s 2. Did you experience this? Hoping we can go with our son and experience it as a family. Thanks

    • Kristine

      We didn’t have that experience at all – perhaps because we were with the tour bus group, and we by-passed the line, they didn’t check? We were last there almost two years ago, so I don’t know if their policy has changed. I’d be very curious to find out, so do let me know if you decide to try it, whether you’re successful or not. Also, it is very possible to take turns in the lagoon while the other parent stays with you son. Good luck and safe travels!

    • Erin

      Has anyone been successful in taking their infants into the Blue Lagoon since this post? We are traveling October 2016, and would love to take our then-6month old.

  8. Kristine

    No problem – it’s a hard question to find the answer to. I would love to learn if families are still finding the same thing, please let me know if you try this. Happy travels! #packing43

  9. April

    Hi. Did your LO wear a reusable swim diaper or a disposable? We are taking our son and he’s not potty trained yet. I can’t find anything on diapers.

  10. April

    Hi. Did your LO wear a reusable swim diaper or a disposable? We are taking our son and he’s not potty trained yet. I can’t find anything on diapers. Thanks!

    • Kristine

      Yes, we had both, this is actually a really interesting topic as in England the “Happy Nappy”, a swimsuit that is tight around the waste and legs, is mandatory for swimming classes, but I didn’t find anything like that in Canada, where our sons wear a pair of loose swimming shorts.

      Regardless of the swimsuit we always wear a disposable swimming nappy (you should be able to find them on Amazon, or at local baby stores) underneath the swimsuit. It catches the poop but doesn’t balloon in the water like a plain disposable nappy would.

      I would strongly recommend finding a ‘Happy Nappy’-type swimsuit for the Blue Lagoon (you can get them online, or check with your local Water Babies class), as it helps contain any accidents.

      Let me know if that answers your question.

    • Kristine

      Hi April, we used swim nappies with a ‘happy nappy’ on top of it. I didn’t realise that these swimsuits aren’t common in North America. You can get one from Water Babies if they have a class near you. Happy Nappies are tight swimsuits that seal the tummy and the legs so that no poop can get out should your baby have a movement.

  11. Jeeyun

    Hello! I found your post while reading about traveling to Iceland with a baby and have a question that I’m hoping that you could help me with. On Blue Lagoon’s site, it says no babies under 2 can enter the lagoon. How did you take your baby into the lagoon? Do I need to ask them in advance? I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know. Thank you!

    • Kristine

      Hi Jeeyun, sorry for the delayed response. We just brought our baby with us and it was fine, but that was a few years ago now. I was hoping other travellers could update me on how their experience went. Hope you have a great time in Iceland!!

  12. Lisa

    We went there early in the year with our 1.5 year old, we were able to get our son in however the life guard did ask how old he was and he’s was fairly large for his age. We said 2 ;). The area is pretty open so you could take turns and leave the lil one in the stroller.

    • Vanessa


      Did you book ahead for the blue lagoon? Their website says advanced booking required but I’m wondering if this is really necessary. Our little one will be 23 months when we are there in September 2016 and I am hoping we can get away with claiming she is two. If they are checking passports, I don’t want to have spent the money to pre-book, only to not be allowed in.

      • Kristine

        I know that advanced booking made the trip much more enjoyable, as the line for walk ups was quite long when we went. It also was less scrutiny- we didn’t show passports, just as tickets, I’m curious to hear if it’s the same.

        • Lisa

          They did not check passports and didn’t even look at him when I bought his ticket the same day, he was sleeping in the car and we had about a hour wait . I just told them he was two. Some areas were way to hot for him so we stayed in the warm areas and tried to keep him fairly quiet so the other people could enjoy it. At one point a life guard did ask if he was two which we said yes and he had the bracelet on his ankle so we were fine. Swim diaper was a must, we just brought a disposable one from the US.

  13. Jess chargin


    I was wondering if the rules have changed since you visited the Blue Lagoon. I read that children have to be 2 years or older on the website 🙁 Just wanted to know if you have more information about that. I got really excited seeing this post and hope I can take our baby with us!

    • Kristine

      Hi Jess,

      To be honest I’m not sure, hopefully one of the other commenters can let you know, we never did check the website before we went, so we didn’t know we weren’t supposed to bring our boy in with us.

      Please do update us on what you choose to do and what the outcome was.

      Enjoy your trip!

  14. Erica

    Did you ever find out if the rules have changed with baby’s age?? going in april w/ a 1 year old but he is super tall and chunky so hoping we can get away with it!

    • Kristine

      I haven’t heard back from anyone – do let me know if it works for you. I’m going on the premise that no news is good news? Have a great trip E!

  15. Andrew

    The Blue Lagoon updated their FAQs. Seems like you have to be 2+ to go IN THE WATER, and under 2 can stay on premises.

    Yes, there is an age limit of 2 years to go into the water. Toddlers are certainly allowed on the premises with their parents/supervisors and wait while others bathe.

    Children from age 2-13 are welcome to go into the water and enjoy the Blue Lagoon with their family or their guardian, free of charge. Due to the origin of the Blue Lagoon seawater; its colour, sudden changes in temperature and rough surface, it is mandatory for children from age 2-8 to wear inflatable armbands in the lagoon. These are provided free of charge. Please note that each guardian is only allowed to supervise two children under the age of 10.

    For safety, and out of respect for other guests, please keep an eye on your children at all times.

    There is no children day-care or other special children facilities at the Blue Lagoon.

  16. Tuba


    we are traveling at end of August with a 4 month old baby. Please guide me what clothes should baby wear, what medicines should i keep, what things should i keep in mind… what water should i use to make her bottle. Please reply fast its urgent

  17. Darcey

    Hi Everyone, Just an update, we’ve just got back from a trip to Reykjavik with our 18 month old.

    We pre booked our tickets for blue lagoon for 2 y/o and just thought we’d wing it when we got there.

    At the till the lady said she wasn’t allowed in the lagoon cos she’s too young, we asked what’s “too young” to which she said 2-3 y/o. (even though the website says 2+ is fine) So we said, oh infact she’s 2, so she went “oh ok, no problem!”

    So, they don’t id your child, but not sure if they would do the same for a young baby.

    Just a few things:

    – The changing rooms as you know are male and female, no family rooms. I found this VERY tricky going into the female changing rooms juggling a toddler, bags, getting into swim suits

    – you have to shower before you get in, again this is tricky with a toddler.

    – We got asked on a few occasions how old our child was and they went on about how bad for her skin it was. In our case, her skin was fine and she loved it. But obviously i can’t say the same for your child so be wary if you think they may sensitive to the waters.

    – they have to wear arm bands / floats

    – definitely take a hat incase it snows

    IMO It’s almost like they don’t want to encourage young toddlers/babies to go there but they don’t really have a way of enforcing it. so it seemed! so to me the “no under 2s allowed” rule seems more of a deterrent. I believe if the waters were really bad for the child they would completely forbid them going BUT by taking your child this is at your own risk, obviously everyone else experience may differ to mine but hope i’ve shed a little light on this!

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