It’s all about to change… Packing for 4

Update: between composing this post and publishing it, we are happy to say that Thomas Otto has been born. But we’re still looking for advice on travelling with four (and more) children.

What do you mean?

What do you mean?

One thing I can’t help thinking: IT’S ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE… this is what goes through my mind every time we’re out and about with Daniel. I am constantly curious how families manage to get two or more kids outside of the house in any reasonable timeframe.

I was told recently that I should enjoy travelling with one child, because it would all come to an end, once the second child came along. With an upcoming trip to visit family in Norway, I’m wondering if that’s true?

In my mind, I’ll wear one and push the other; or push two. Pete and I will tag-team when travelling together, but how will I manage with two by myself? In this regard, I think managing to get around town is good practice for bigger trips, but perhaps I’m fooling myself. What happens if both children need me at the same time – how do I choose which one to attend to first? What limitations will I have later that I don’t have now?

I am really hoping some of you might share your strategies for travelling as a family with 4 or more with me.

We’re looking for advice from fellow parents – if you have more than one child and still manage to travel (locally or abroad) please send us your tips.  We already have put a Cruise on our short-list as Anne made a great argument for it in this guest post.

We want to know what gear we need – are double prams necessary? (We’ll have a 20-month gap between the two boys).  What happens in cars? What pitfalls should we watch out for?

 Thank-you in advance!

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