My Grandma’s house (min Mormor) in Oslo


Daniel and his Great-Grandmother (Oldemor)

I didn’t think about it; the internet is so ubiquitous these days, but my grandma’s house is not connected. She is turning 99 this year, so she is excused (unlike the hotel in Iceland).

Long story short – blogging will be temporarily interrupted for a few days. Stay tuned for more on Iceland, Norway and travelling anecdotes at that time.

Ps – whenever I’m at my Grandma’s (Mormor’s) house I’m reminded of what a rich and storied life she had. You can read a bit about it through my grandfather here.

They had four children in four different countries and I think hearing their story when I was younger helped me to romanticize travelling with a family, and living abroad.

Have you traveled to see family? What are the pros and cons? Let us know.

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