Spanish interior – L’Esmoradora Finca and Guadalest, off the beaten path


For Easter we went to the gorgeous L’Esmoradora Finca located an hour and a half inland from Alicante airport in a small village named Parcent. It was a brilliantly relaxing vacation. The weather was lovely, between 20 and 30 degrees centigrade for the entire weekend. And we spent our days there soaking up the local … [Read more…]

Ssssh – Other People are Trying to Sleep


Dealing with a crying baby while travelling (and the inevitable over-reliance on the soother/dummie/pacifier that occurs). A downside of travelling and living in close quarters with a baby and other people, is that there were suddenly other people around who could hear Daniel crying. We partially realized this as we took Daniel out and about to … [Read more…]