Radio silence and a cancelled trip to Sweden.

Daniel with Daddy's shoes

Daniel trying on Daddy’s shoes.

It’s strange, I haven’t written a post in a while, and even when I wanted to pick it back up a few weeks ago, I just stared at the blog, got up from the computer and walked away.

A lot has happened since I last blogged. Firstly, I went back to work. My hours, though reduced, were quite long. I came armed with a schedule, a bunch of pre-written blog posts and a plan to write on the commute. Sadly, my role at work had changed over maternity leave, and I spent my commute and evenings getting up to speed on the new position.

Secondly, we’re expecting our second baby in February. Unlike my first pregnancy where I was tired in the first trimester, this time I was tired and sick. Exhausted by seven, my bedtime began to coincide with Daniel’s (it was a marathon to get to 8:30 pm). As such, I had neither the time nor energy to dedicate towards the blog. But that has all changed.

More recently, I gave my notice and left that firm. I have now started a part-time opportunity instead – cue less-stress, a more organized house and an excited return to blogging. With that in mind, this morning I woke up with a great desire to let everyone know about our failed trip to Sweden (nothing like starting back up on a bright note!)

We were invited by our friends to their place in Sweden a few weeks ago. Sweden is a gorgeous country, and a place that both Pete and I had never really been to (I say ‘never really’ because we did take a sneaky trip down the coast into Sweden to catch a ferry once, but a ferry terminal doesn’t really count as being in the country). July and early August are the best months to be in Scandinavia, especially if you know locals. They escape their cities and head to the coasts and enjoy a boating culture with fresh food and good drinks. It is truly relaxing. Needless to say we were really excited to go and spend some time with our friends and their son and to enjoy their idyllic cottage.

Unfortunately, Daniel’s demeanor recently has been far from ideal. His normally affable and easy-going mood has been replaced with a quick-to-cry, hard-to-console drama king who makes everything from mealtime (often a highlight of the little guy’s day) to playtime, a minefield of parental uncertainty. Have we coddled him? Maybe. Is he teething? Yes, molars are coming through. Is he frustrated that he can’t speak? Probably. He seems to be trying really hard to communicate, but despite sign-language classes and endless readings of his favourite books, we so far haven’t gotten a single word out of him (we know that will come in time).

Pete and I had taken Daniel on some play dates leading up to the trip to Sweden, and while we thoroughly enjoyed our friends’ company, we were exhausted by our son’s fickle attitude. We simply couldn’t imagine taking him to an airport, on a plane or subjecting another family to the tantrums 24/7. As such, we reluctantly decided to cancel the trip. It was a tough decision, but once made, we both felt like we had made the right choice.

As much as we wanted to visit our friends, we were happy to have a relaxed weekend in town where we could manage Daniel’s mood swings without worrying about their impacts on other people. While we generally have a ‘have baby will travel’ attitude, I think we learned that it is important to take cues from your child, and if they are going through a bit of a rough spot, to realize that familiar settings and cuddles might be just what the doctor ordered to get them through it.

Happy to say that after the weekend (and a few more days) – Daniel is mostly his happy self again, and the proud owner of two new molars!

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