• Kristine

      Hi Papa,
      Glad we agreed as well! It’s a gorgeous pram.

      We didn’t use the stroller bag originally, but our stroller was damaged during the first two flights we took. It was scratched up pretty badly, a button was ripped off and the cup holder attachment was lost (even though we did have it in a large plastic bag).

      After this trip we purchased the Stokke stroller bag and used it for our trip back to Canada at Christmas. Word of warning, we stuffed it full of Daniel’s clothes and Christmas gifts as well as the pram for the flight – the airline complained, but they let us through with it in the end, but we don’t recommend putting hard items in the stroller pack as we snapped the lever that adjusts the handle height. When we’ve flown without stuffing things in there, the Stokke was not damaged.

      We really have enjoyed using it and have found it to be a good purchase. Let us know what you do and how it works out for you.

      Cheers, Kristine and Pete (and Daniel)

    • Kristine

      There are two loops that hang down below the seat. The diaper bag we used has clips that we can hook into those rings, but you can also buy adaptors (similar to carabiner) which can link those loops to the diaper bag. What diaper bag are you using?

    • Kristine

      I think it depends on what you want to use it for. We loved the Xplory for it’s ability to be a bed, and a high chair when we needed it to be while we carried on our day. This worked while Daniel was younger. I think children that aren’t mobile; and by this I mean that once Daniel was really moving, this was his main goal in life; then the pram can be a very entertaining place for them and you can enjoy yourself with less consideration put towards parks and other activities to entertain your little one.

      The Xplory gave us the freedom to go to places we wanted to go, that weren’t necessarily geared towards children. The downside was the size. We tend to use public transit in all the cities we travel to, and the Metro has lots of stairs. If you stay in the districts walking distance to the Effiel Tower and Notre Dame (with the Louvre and hundreds of other enjoyable things in the area), and you don’t want to see Sacre Coeur, Pere Lachaise Cemetary or Versaille Palice, then you won’t really need to worry about the weight.

      Alternatively, if you want to go all around the city and your child is older an umbrella stroller might be a good option (or if they’re younger and you want to carry them in a sling). We find that a pram with good wheels and narrow is useful for European streets. Be warned, many of the umbrella strollers we’ve tried in the past get stuck on every little crack and make walking less enjoyable. Using this option; for meals you could use a childseat adapter that goes over the back of a chair like Totseat http://www.amazon.com/Washable-Squashable-Travel-Chair-Chocolate/dp/B001QC77W0 for your meals. The Totseat is small, light, easy to clean (if you don’t do what we did and buy a jean/fabric one) and goes into a stuffsack.

      We used to take a portable placemat with us too, this Summer one is what we have: http://www.amazon.com/Summer-Infant-Diner-Portable-Placemat/dp/B002B55AC0. It looks like they have a new model. To be honest, we didn’t find it stuck well to many surfaces, so I’m much more likely to just clean off the table and feed Thomas directly on that, but I do miss the lip of the tray which caught a lot of the food – and Daniel would ‘dumpster dive’ into the tray to get more food.

      Honestly, there are pluses and minuses to either approach. If you let me know more about what you’re hoping to get out of the trip, I can adapt my advice. At the end of the day – it’s Paris, it will be amazing – eat a ton and enjoy! Your pace will be limited by feeds/changes etc (oh and bring a portable change mat – something not too bulky, makes life easier if you want to pop the little one down on a floor if you find yourself without a change table) but it will still be amazing because a limited pace in Paris is better than a limited pace at home.

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