The downside of taking the train with a large stroller on a long weekend


The train starting to fill up


A crowded train is not a place you want to be when you’re traveling with a pram. We had one of those days, when everything seems to go wrong, on our way back from Dublin on a bank holiday Monday, (you can read more about the journey-gone-wrong in the next post) and one of the last things we had to do was take trains from the ferry terminal back to London.  We barely managed to squeeze ourselves, our Little D in his pram, and our luggage (at our feet and on our laps) onto the train car.  And it’s a good thing we did, because after us was a stream of fellow passengers yet to board. They kept coming and coming until finally we were moving (it was much like a rush-hour tube ride).

Daniel seemed none-the-wiser, and we did manage to get actual seats which was fairly incredible. But we were squashed with other passengers and luggage like sardines in a tin.

TIP: avoid peak travelling times when travelling with children. These busy times add hassles and headaches. If you can’t avoid it, (we never seem wise enough) be mentally prepared!

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