The Sleep Sheep, a blessing until you forget it at home…

The ever important Sleep Sheep

The ever important Sleep Sheep

We received the Cloud B Sleep Sheep as a gift from family friends before Daniel was born. It was a lifesaver and Daniel really was soothed by the wave sounds.

Incidentally, I actually got so hooked on it, that after we moved Daniel into his own room, I would sneak in there before I went to bed, grab the Sleep Sheep, and play it for myself.  Luckily, due to a combination of laziness and exhaustion this phase passed for me.

On my recent trip to Oslo, Norway I discovered that I left the Sleep Sheep at home. Emergency, but have no fear.  You can download a free app (I downloaded one called White Noise Ambience Lite) and use your phone. This worked just as well as the Sleep Sheep, except your phone is now in the room with your baby, and you are outside – which if you don’t have the internet – isn’t a problem. In a pinch, this is a good way to save on space and weight when packing.

What have you forgotten at home? How did you work around it (or not)?

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