Travelling with a toddler while pregnant

Update: between composing this post and publishing it, we are happy to say that Thomas Otto has been born. 
Train travel with baby, bump and me

Train travel with baby, bump and me

Being pregnant while travelling certainly slows us down. Luckily I’m not much slower than Daniel’s natural toddling speed. I depend on Pete quite a bit more when it comes to carrying Daniel and I definitely lag behind whenever a hill is involved!

Things that are harder to do while pregnant (everything!)

It’s hard to bend down, it’s awkward to carry luggage bags, and it’s difficult to get close enough to the changing table to put a new nappy on Daniel. It’s harder to keep my balance when walking down the aisle of a train. In the later stages it’s hard to get in and out of seats that aren’t on the aisle. All of a sudden, I’m not thinner when I turn sideways, and I’ve plowed my bump into more chairs and people than I care to mention.

That said, if you have the inclination and the energy, getting out with your little one while pregnant is a great way to enjoy the final months of one-on-one time.

And it’s an easy way to stay active.

A great help when going through the security line - a high chair at Oslo's airport

A great help when going through the security line – a high chair at Oslo’s airport

Best modes of travel when pregnant

Trains once again take the prize for easiest way to travel while pregnant. Planes are too uncomfortable to inspire joy, what with the seatbelt across your belly, and don’t even think about the limited space once the person in front of you reclines.


On a plane with the bump and the baby; I thought I had limited space before!

When to call it quits

I didn’t want to travel, full stop, during my final month and a half of pregnancy. Aside from the odd weekend trip here and there, I was really in ‘nesting’-mode (for some reason even more so than I was the first time).

Other options

Locally, swings are a good option (careful with your back when putting the little one into the seat). But careful when picking a set of swings: depending on your mobility near the end of your pregnancy, the rest of the play area can be tricky. It can be difficult to lift and support your little one when you’re larger, so figure out if getting to the swings is worth it (nothing is worse than having a happy child in the swing, only to have a temper tantrum because Mummy can’t help you get onto the jungle gym and certainly can’t keep you safe while you’re on it…).

Enclosed open spaces also work well (small parks or backyards). Daniel loves kicking and carrying balls around, and the enclosure means I can watch from a bit of a distance if I can’t keep up.

I also liked the slow walk home from daycare – we are lucky and only have a 5-minute walk, but it can take an hour with Daniel out of the pram. Daniel is interested in everything – sidewalk cracks, trees, bricks, and gum – yuck! The slow pace was great for my waddling

Proudly sporting the Hudson's Bay sweater

Proudly sporting the Hudson’s Bay sweater

Husband winning the grand prize

Pete has been an amazing husband once again during this pregnancy. He has really taken the lead with Daniel and kept him busy with soft play gyms and sing-a-longs activities on the weekend. This has given me the opportunity to get a bit extra sleep and get off my feet.

While travelling he makes sure to carry all the heavier items, do more of the uphill pushing and he has even found a new slower rhythm for walking, as we are fast walkers at heart.

Pete and Daniel waiting for the train

Pete and Daniel waiting for the train

How did you find travelling while pregnant? What did you do locally? Where did you go for your baby-moon?

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