What to do when you leave the bibs at home


Daniel enjoying lunch with a make-shift bib.

Muslins, and their myriad of uses, came to the rescue when we left England without our bibs (incidentally, we will be writing and sharing a packing list shortly – one we will be using in the future).

Partially because we use the baby-led method, and partially because Daniel smears his hands in all the food and then likes to rub it all over his face, he does not look very presentable after a meal.

This is fine (not ideal, but solvable) for breakfast as we leave him in his pajamas and change him completely after breakfast. Ditto for dinner and the clothes he had on during the day, but for lunch we’re often out and I don’t want to pack another set of clothes for each day.

This is where the muslins came in handy. We tied two corners together behind his back and used that as his bib. Being lightweight we could rinse them out and hang them up afterwards and they would be dry by the next day.

What are your favourite substitutions and solutions in a pinch?

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