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Daniel playing with some stacking spheres

Daniel playing with some stacking spheres

Sometimes it’s really difficult to make it out if the house. Between dismal weather, a sick baby and weaning solid foods, we have not been out of the house too often in the past few weeks. (These have been legitimate reasons, but sometimes when I think of going out I stop and think, ‘why bother’).

For me, weaning has been a huge stumbling block. Daniel is a pretty good eater, he’s slow but not fussy. It’s a messy process, but that can be solved with wash cloths and baby wipes. I even have the gear – a great portable high chair, and a great place mat (that my friend Steph recommended) which even catches a lot of dropped food in the trough.

I’m following the baby led method, but not in a precious manner. We still do plenty of purées with a spoon and I’ve just tried my first Ella’s pouch.

Realistically, I just need to get over the hurdle, prepare the food sac the night before and make a day of it. And what better way than meeting up with a friend and her daughters in Southbank in a few days.

Until then we’ll play the ‘hands up’ game Daniel recently developed and enjoy crawling and block tower building.


The ‘hands-up’ game – he does this over and over and is immensely proud of himself.

Have some tips for getting out and about while introducing solids? We’d love to hear about them, send them to us or be a guest blogger.

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